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Why Brands Trust eEnforce When Pricing and Reputation are Mission Critical

eEnforce™ has developed eCommerce protection for hundreds of brands seeking permanent solutions to stopping unauthorized sellers that are disrupting channels, violating price points, squeezing sales margins and eroding brand reputation.
Our services are simple yet highly effective in regaining control over the marketplaces. Key highlights are:

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KEY benefits for your brand:

Our turn key services are unique in their ability to find, prioritize, and identify the real identities of a brands worst unauthorized sellers across the internet, including marketplaces like Amazon, eBay,, and Google Shopping. We have developed customized programs for hundreds of brands that have resulted in quick, cost effective and permanent removal of unauthorized online sellers on Amazon and other websites around the world.

Most manufacturers today have to have effective MAP policies to maintain brand equity and crucial customer relationships. With the growth of eCommerce and the impact from Amazon and other online marketplaces, unauthorized resellers are often offering deep discount prices that cause loss of revenues, and create strained relationships with their key retailers. At eEnforce our proprietary system combined with our law enforcement trained investigators are able to penetrate the real-identities of the worst unauthorized sellers and force their permanent removal from platforms like Amazon, eBay, Walmart & Google Shopping.

If you sell directly on Amazon then you know that 96% of the revenues for a particular ASIN are given to the sellers that win the “Buy Box” and the other 4% of the sellers split the rest of the sales. While there are several factors that go into controlling the buy-box, one of the maine factors is that you do not have anyone selling your products on Amazon, and several other platforms that are violating MAP pricing. Our proprietary software monitors those unauthorized sellers that are consistently winning the sales, sends them to our investigation teams, where we identify them and then make contact with them at their home or business to force them to comply with your trademarks.

Numerous manufacturers today are facing push-back from their retailers and distributors due to their inability to control online sales on marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Walmart & Google Shopping. When this happens margins are cut and a manufacturer can quickly find itself struggling to appease their retailers, distributors and resellers from suspending sales, or restricting their sales of their items. At eEnforce we can very quickly assess who is causing that conflict and then put measures in place to regain control of minimum advertised pricing for the brand.

The rapid growth of eCommerce and impact from Amazon has created a paradigm shift in the thinking of how brands distribute and sell products. eCommerce and C-Suite managers are rethinking how they are going to conduct business over the next decade or longer. Older distribution models allow resellers to purchase products and resell online without having any agreements in place with the manufacturer. This typically causes competition and a disruption of advertised prices across both online and off-line platforms. Left unchallenged, a brand can quickly find themselves struggling to regain control. eEnforce has developed customized strategies to help brands get control over online sales which have a ripple effect of also increasing their offline sales relationships.

We handle everything for you:

Our Intelligence Driven Technology has the ability to find, prioritize, and track the worst unauthorized sellers across the internet, including marketplaces like Amazon, eBay,, and Google Shopping. Our proprietary software was built by a team of engineers and former law enforcement officials for the sole purpose of stopping unlawful sellers. This includes finding them, identifying them, and tracking their every movement

As a division of an international cyber-crime and private investigation firm, we have developed an internal team of law enforcement trained investigators with the appropriate clearances and credentials required to access critical law enforcement databases. These capabilities, combined with our proprietary high-tech intelligence tools and highly-trained cyber analysts, have allowed eEnforce™ (and its parent company, Cyber Investigation Services) to become one of the premier international investigation firms for global brands and law firms needing to address eCommerce protection issues.

Many “Professional eCommerce Sellers” take great lengths to obfuscate their identities. Tactics like fake names and corporations, tiers of misdirection tools, and disregard for the law, make these sellers difficult to find. That’s what makes our proprietary database of thousands of identified sellers and cyber tracking tools so useful. Regardless of the product category, odds are we have seen an illicit seller before and we likely have information on them from previous work that we have done.

As a division of an internationally recognized cyber investigation firm, our licensed and law enforcement trained investigators have access to private databases only available to law enforcement and private investigators. This combined with our proprietary cyber tools, allow us to identify persons down to their home and business address, phone numbers, emails, personal and business relationships, as well as their social security numbers if needed for legal action.

We have the competitive edge on unauthorized sellers because we are able to unmask and identify the them down to their true names, physical addresses, email addresses, cell phone numbers, and social security numbers. Once we have identified them we are (in most cases) able to convince them to permanently stop violating our clients’ intellectual property rights without ever going to court.

As a dedicated brand protection group, we understand the need to work hand-in-hand with your in-house eCommerce and enforcement teams. From the very first day, eEnforce™ assigns a dedicated analyst and eCommerce protection consultant who are solely focused on helping you meet your brand’s objectives utilizing the power of our technology, reporting, and analysts singularly focused on helping you regain control over your MAP pricing, sales and brand reputation.

We are extremely confident in our abilities to perform and help your brand get back control over your MAP pricing, sales revenues and brand reqputation. In fact, we are so confident that we 100% guarantee that if you aren’t satisfied with our performance and customer service after the first 30 days, we will refund your money with no questions asked.

Why Brand Registry Wont Solve Your Problem

Amazon offers a brand registry reporting tool for helping with patent violations, counterfeit violators and rogue sellers, but not against unauthorized sellers that are selling legitimate products of your brand. Amazon makes it very clear in their rules and regulations that they will not help brands protect their MAP policies due to unauthorized sellers from supply-chain leakage.  Recently, a number of “enforcement” firms have been using this approach illegally resulting in law suits against the brands.