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Stopping eBay Unauthorized Sellers with eEnforce

eBay has become one of the most popular online marketplaces in the United States and around the world. As of mid-2019, there are 182 million eBay users worldwide. Having started in 1995, the company attributes its current growth to its recent efforts to improve the buying and selling experience for its users. These include simplifying buyers’ returns process and facilitating purchases for volume-based discounted products. 

Even though eBay users are scattered across 190 different markets with 1.4 billion live listings, the United States is still their predominant market for sales with more than 70% of their traffic coming from the U.S.   

But with this success and ease of creating accounts also comes big problems for your brand: the proliferation of unauthorized & counterfeit sellers on the eBay marketplace. Stopping eBay unauthorized sellers and counterfeiters is crucial for protecting your brand’s profit, reputation, and overall business.

What are the Types of Unauthorized Sellers on eBay?

Like so many other efficient online marketplaces, eBay has become a feeding ground for unauthorized sellers and counterfeiters. In each distribution scenario, the buyers receive either a legitimate product, obtained via illegal means or a counterfeit product, which of course is not representative of your brand. 

When it comes to stopping eBay unauthorized sellers, it helps to know the different types on their platform. 

There are 5 types of unauthorized sellers on eBay: 

  1. Authorized Distributors: Unfortunately, sometimes authorized distributors of your brand want to build extra income for themselves, so they sell your product on eBay.
  2. Professional Resellers: These are the sellers who buy large quantities of your product at once and try to sell them at a lower price on eBay. Sometimes they take it one step further by offering low shipping rates that your company cannot match.
  3. One-Time Sellers: These unauthorized sellers re-sell small numbers of your product on eBay. While they might not have much financial impact when it comes to this, what they can impact is customer reviews. A few one-star reviews from unsatisfied customers can make future customers think twice about buying products under your brand name.
  4. Professional Sellers Who Target Your Authorized Distributors: These are the big players in the unauthorized selling game. They often go as far as contacting your authorized distributors to buy your products at wholesale prices. Only to go to eBay and sell the goods at a much lower cost.
  5. Stolen Credit Card Sellers: While not the most common, these sellers do exist. And stolen credit cards are the name of their game. After using the stolen credit cards to purchase products from your brand, they ship the product to the buyer via eBay. The unauthorized seller makes a profit off of the eBay sale and pays nothing since the credit cards were not under their name in the first place. 

What is the Impact of an eBay Unauthorized Seller?

Stopping eBay unauthorized sellers and counterfeiters requires direct action on your part, otherwise, the negative impacts on your brand are endless. eBay unauthorized sellers and counterfeiters:

  • Directly cause your brand to drastically lose sales and potential profit.
  • Lower your profit margins by listing your brand products on eBay at a lower price than what your brand has listed.
  • Negatively affect your brand’s credibility. Customers purchase these products that are mimicking your brand, only to find out the customer service is poor and the product is cheap. The unsatisfied customer leaves a negative, one-star review for your brand. Because after all, the customer thinks they are purchasing a product from your company, not an unauthorized seller. 
  • Cause other distributors to avoid working with you. And think about it – why would distributors want to conduct business with your brand? If these unauthorized third-party sellers are undercutting your listed prices, or selling counterfeit products, it makes it difficult for the distributor to make a profit off your brand’s products.
  • Place direct wear-and-tear to your brand that can drive it to the ground. 

Can I Report Unauthorized Sellers to eBay?

eBay tends to view unauthorized sellers as selling a legitimate product. This usually results in a contractual dispute between them and your brand and no action is taken. With eEnforce, stopping eBay unauthorized sellers and counterfeiters is not only possible, but it’s also necessary for your brand to grow and profit. 

Can I Take Legal Action When it Comes to Stopping eBay Unauthorized Sellers?

Yes. In fact, stopping eBay unauthorized sellers and counterfeiters by taking legal action is much easier with eEnforce. One of the first steps is having a registered trademark for your product. If you don’t yet have a registered trademark, you should look into obtaining one. Think of it as one more defensive layer for protecting your brand.

Let’s say an eBay unauthorized seller is committing copyright or trademark infringement. Stopping eBay unauthorized sellers could include sending them a cease and desist letter. eEnforce can identify the culprits and devise an attack on their inboxes. 

When you have an unauthorized seller on your eBay listing, it can be a major headache that is only worsened by not knowing who they are or where they are located. eEnforce is here to help you take the necessary legal action.

How eEnforce is Stopping eBay Unauthorized Sellers

At eEnforce we specialize in stopping eBay unauthorized sellers and counterfeiters. Specifically, we focus on the identification and removal of unauthorized sellers and counterfeiters violating a brand’s reseller policies by both authorized and unauthorized sellers on eBay. Our Unauthorized Seller Removal Program:

  1. Helps Brands develop a comprehensive enforcement strategy. 
  2. Identifies the real identities of unauthorized sellers and counterfeiters behind the store names on eBay down to their social security and EIN levels. This includes Name, Address, Phone Number and email.
  3. Sends out legal notifications in volume directly to the exposed seller at their home or business approved by the brand. 
  4. Forces the seller off the eBay platform for federal trademark infringement on your brand’s trademark. 
  5. Stops eBay unauthorized sellers and counterfeiters from returning to the marketplace. 
  6. Builds your brand’s enforcement credibility against eBay unauthorized sellers and counterfeiters. 

Get Your Brand Protected on eBay

At eEnforce, we take action to make sure your brand is protected. That’s because we understand you need someone on your side when it comes to stopping eBay unauthorized sellers and counterfeiters.

eEnforce has been helping companies ranging from startups to Fortune 100 companies find the real identities of imposter sellers for the last decade. We are the only online protection and enforcement firm that maintains the legal license and capabilities to identify unauthorized eBay sellers. We can even locate them down to their EIN or social security number and take legal action against violators of a brand’s trademark. 

In a collaboration between intelligence-based technology and licensed investigators, your business is being protected 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with eEnforce. MAP pricing, product distribution, quality control, and your bottom line are safe from eBay hijackers with our services. We uphold your reputation as an eBay seller so that you can focus on what you do best: making your product and building your brand.

Not only is eEnforce one of the fastest-growing eCommerce protection services in the world, but we’re the only company that offers a 30-day risk-free trial. Let us help you keep your brand protected on eBay.

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Since 2011, eEnforce™ has provided eCommerce protection for brands seeking permanent solutions to stopping unauthorized sellers and other online, intellectual property violators.

We are able to find, identify, track and permanently remove unauthorized sellers on marketplaces and private websites. In fact we are able to help your brand get an average of 94%+ control over your MAP pricing in the first 90-180 days depending on the severity of your brands supply chain-leakage.

We augment your brand’s team with our expertise, advanced intelligence & investigative tools, and bandwidth expansion to allow you to regain control over your online, eCommerce channels.

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eEnforce™ has developed eCommerce protection for hundreds of brands seeking permanent solutions to stopping unauthorized sellers that are disrupting channels, violating price points, squeezing sales margins and eroding brand reputation.
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