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Global Shoe Manufacturer


Founded in the mid-1900s, this brand is one of the fastest growing companies in the footwear industry and is widely recognized as a global leader in their niche market of footwear products.

THE CHALLENGE: The brand was struggling with gaining control over pricing by unauthorized sellers on Amazon. This was causing concern by their authorized distributors, impacting their profit margins and eroding their brand reputation.

IMPACTED BY PRICE EROSION: In an unyielding effort to win the Buy Box on Amazon, unauthorized sellers continually drove down prices by selling products well below the(“MAP”) manufacturer’s minimum advertised pricing.

STALLED EXPANSION OF PRODUCT LINES: The brand had the operational capacity and market demand to expand product lines but had concerns that unauthorized sellers would erode prices on all new products.


FIND-IDENTIFY-TARGET-REMOVEeEnforce™ determined that  out of the total of 115 ASIN’s on Amazon, Only 15% of the ASINs were being controlled by professional unauthorized sellers, the remainder were mom & pop sellers.The brand was losing hundreds of thousands of dollars every month due to loss of sales on Amazon. eEnforce™  understood that swift and precise action was in order.

Utilizing our advanced  “Intelligence Driven Technology”  we were able to segment the professional sellers and then tasked our highly-skilled investigators and analysts to unmask the those sellers real identities.

Once unmasked, we were easily able to get them permanently removed, and determined key sources of leakage and loss of revenues.


Understanding that the brand was losing sales due to the impact of unauthorized sellers on Amazon U.S., eEnforce™ was able to pinpoint the key stores that were responsible for the bulk of the losses. Our strategy was to unmask their real identities, dry up the supply source, which then caused the mom& pop sellers to quit selling their products.


In only a few short months, eEnforce™ was able to restore 100% “Buy Box” control on Amazon and maintain that control for the brand.  Strict adherence to MAP has restored distributor confidence in the brand.

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