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eEnforce Pricing - Recovering Lost eCommerce Sales Since 2011

How We Price

e-Enforce provides managed e-commerce enforcement.  Like any customized service, we need to know about the problems you are facing and your goals before giving an accurate price. 

Can You Give Me A Ballpark?

We manage some brands for as low as $750/month and then other big brands, with lots of requirements for several times that amount.  

Would you like a simple estimate?  We would be happy to provide by selecting the green GET EMAILED QUOTE button.

What If Your Needs Grow?

From day one, we provided a detailed RoadMAP on how we plan to grow your enforcement to multiple marketplaces (Amazon, eBay, Walmart, etc.) without increasing costs.   We are masters at stretching your enforcement $ as far as possible. 

Consultation or Emailed Quote

The right choice depends upon your needs.  If your needs are simple, and can easily be described in a little form textbox, then that will work well.  However, if your needs are not obvious by our team looking on the web at your brand, then we suggest you spend a few minutes with us in consultation so we can get you the right solution. 

Our Simple Terms

When we are purchasing services, we cannot stand being forced into long contracts.  We believe that a company must earn its keep every month, month after month.  Our terms are very simple:
– Cancel anytime agreements
– If not happy after 30 days, then will provide full refund.

Our Simplicity To Implement

Immediately after signing up, we will do a kick-off call to get you a 100% on page with your dedicated account manager and enforcement team.  Since we have done this for a long time, with so many brands, we have everything you need and most new clients remark about how simple we have made the process.  We can have you up and enforcing in TWO BUSINESS DAYS. 

Why Brands Trust eEnforce When Pricing and Reputation are Mission Critical

eEnforce™ has developed eCommerce protection for hundreds of brands seeking permanent solutions to stopping unauthorized sellers that are disrupting channels, violating price points, squeezing sales margins and eroding brand reputation.
Our services are simple yet highly effective in regaining control over the marketplaces. Key highlights are:

100% Guaranteed Month-to-Month Service

New To Online Enforcement & Brand Protection?