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Matt Aubin

Matt Aubin

Brand Protection Consultant & Keynote Speaker

Matt Aubin, Director of Operations at eEnforce, is known as an innovative thought leader in eCommerce Brand Protection.  He specializes in developing world-class enforcement solutions for hundreds of brands dealing with rapidly dropping revenues due to unauthorized sellers on marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, and Walmart. 

For over a decade, Matt has helped manufacturers, brands, corporations and law firms implement cost effective strategies to save millions of dollars of revenues that were being lost to illegal sales activities.   He consults the brands and their legal counsel on the best of class solutions to rapidly cleanup sales channels and helps identify major sources of supply chain leakage that feeds these sellers.   He then coordinates all of eEnforce’s technical and investigative teams to bring about permanent cleanup. 

Prior to his role at eEnforce, Matt led investigations for the global unit of Cyber Investigation Services (parent company of eEnforce).  Matt’s background as one of the highest rated investigators in his profession, and exemplary technical skills and inside knowledge of the eCommerce industry, Matt and his team have been nicknamed the “DEA of eCommerce”.

Matt sits on the board of Directors for the Florida Association of Licensed Investigators, the 2nd largest investigator’s association in the world. Through this position, Matt has developed professional working relationships with dozens of Elected Legislators all over the country. Matt and his team have also worked jointly with Federal Law Enforcement Agencies including the FBI, Secret Service, US Treasury, US Customs and US Postal Service in order to meet the needs of his clients.

Matt is frequently sought after as a keynote speaker for several Colleges and trade schools. His expertise has also been featured numerous times on ABC News, The Daily Beast and recently starred in a television pilot for Netflix and MAC Pictures as a subject matter expert.

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