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MAP Enforcement On Amazon With eEnforce

One of the most significant challenges businesses face today in the exploding market of eCommerce sales is controlling MAP Pricing on Amazon. With over 49% of all eCommerce sales being sold on Amazon, brands must be smart in their approach to preventing erosion of their product pricing levels. Even the largest and most iconic brands are having to rethink their strategies to protect their brand’s pricing, reputation, and brand value.  

Erosion of MAP pricing for most companies can be traced back to how the company built its sales by choosing an uncontrolled distribution strategy. When sales were predominately facilitated in brick-and-mortar stores this worked. Today with the explosion of eCommerce and Amazon’s policy of cheap pricing and fast delivery it has caused significant pressure on a brand’s MAP pricing. 

Controlling MAP on Amazon can be difficult in the sense that it is one thing to monitor MAP on Amazon and an entirely different endeavor to enforce it. Because of the nature of today’s eCommerce marketplace, it is unfortunately simple for imposters to undercut your MAP and disrupt your business. Here at eEnforce we take a unique approach to controlling MAP on Amazon so that your brand and your business are protected.

Controlling MAP on Amazon and Monitoring MAP

In a perfect world, anyone selling your brand is an authorized third-party and will follow your MAP standards, making controlling MAP on Amazon a simple task. However, today’s eCommerce environment allows for hijackers to come in and disrupt your bottom line as an unauthorized seller. All it takes is for one listing to be priced at below your MAP for your brand to be affected.

It is very important that you monitor the MAP Pricing of your brand on Amazon. As with any marketplace, but especially on Amazon which is synonymous with low prices, online shoppers are quick to go with the least expensive option. Controlling MAP on Amazon is as crucial as any piece of your business’s puzzle. However, controlling MAP on Amazon and monitoring MAP on Amazon are two distinctly different things. That’s because enforcement of your MAP policies on Amazon hijackers is not as simple as you might think. Unauthorized third-parties have a variety of ways to bounce back on you, and employ numerous strategies to hide as well. At eEnforce, we offer a solution to controlling MAP on Amazon that doesn’t take up any of your precious time.

Will Amazon Assist in Controlling MAP on Amazon?

Unfortunately not, but that is where eEnforce comes in. If a seller is listing your brand at a price below your MAP, Amazon will not take any action against this unauthorized seller. And while it can help to have your brand registered in the Amazon Brand Registry, even this can be a slow-moving process if going through Amazon to contact the unauthorized seller. Fortunately, controlling MAP on Amazon is not only our job but our specialty as well. We guarantee oversight of your brand’s integrity from Amazon hijackers.

Why is Controlling MAP on Amazon So Difficult?

The biggest reason controlling MAP Pricing on Amazon is a headache for businesses and brands is because of the fact that Amazon does not do the policing for you on your behalf. That is the main reason, but on top of Amazon’s unwillingness to assist you in controlling MAP pricing on Amazon, the identities of the violators of your MAP policies are sometimes near impossible to locate. Unless, of course, you have eEnforce on your side. eEnforce can locate the unauthorized sellers and counterfeiters with pinpoint accuracy so that further measures can be taken. Otherwise, the responsibility is put on the manufacturer, and this process is difficult and tedious to go through without the proper tools. 

Controlling MAP on Amazon and the complexity of doing so can also depend on the size of your distribution network. If you have a laundry list of distributors in your supply chain, the number of resellers can dramatically increase. In the case of the Amazon marketplace, this affects the amount of competition between those resellers to win the coveted “Buy-Box.” This competition can become all the more muddied and disrupted by unauthorized sellers who have no interest in adhering to your brand’s MAP pricing. It is these disruptors that your brand truly has to worry about, but dedicating the proper time to managing and controlling MAP on Amazon is a full-time job. It is important to maintain good relationships with your approved distributors and retailers, and part of that is in controlling MAP on Amazon. With eEnforce, your brand and your relationships can thrive without expending unneeded energy.

How Does eEnforce Go About Controlling MAP on Amazon?

At eEnforce we specialize in helping brands craft an eCommerce strategy to protect their trademark and MAP Pricing online. In the old days of brick and mortar businesses dominating the marketplace, third-party sellers were generally recruited on a much more personal basis than today’s eCommerce environment. As a result, enforcing MAP amongst your authorized sellers was much more straightforward than controlling MAP on Amazon. Sure, there have always been, and there will always be counterfeiters and business hijackers. But changing times and evolving economies and marketplaces require forward-thinking and new measures for protecting your business. Controlling MAP on Amazon is just one of the new challenges facing businesses today, and we are able to do this by implementing the following services:

  1. Helping brands develop a comprehensive enforcement strategy. 
  2. Identifying the real identities of unauthorized sellers, hijackers, rogue ASINs, and counterfeiters behind the store names on Amazon down to their social security and EIN levels. This includes Name, Address, Phone Number and email.
  3. Sending out legal notifications in volume directly to the exposed seller at their home or business approved by the brand. 
  4. Forcing the seller off the platform for federal trademark infringement of your brand’s trademark. 
  5. Ensuring they don’t return. 
  6. Building your brand’s enforcement credibility against unauthorized sellers and counterfeiters. 

Controlling MAP on Amazon with eEnforce

eEnforce has been helping companies ranging from startups to Fortune 100 companies with controlling MAP on Amazon for the last decade. We help businesses stop hijackers from infringing upon their trademarks on Amazon. We are the only online protection and enforcement firm that maintains the legal license and capabilities to identify unauthorized Amazon sellers. We can even locate them down to their EIN or social security number and take legal action against violators of a brand’s trademark. 

In a collaboration between intelligence-based technology and licensed investigators, your business is being protected 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with eEnforce. Controlling MAP pricing is just one of the services we offer, all of which is an effort to protect your brand’s product distribution, quality control, and the always-important bottom line. Your brand is safe from Amazon hijackers with our services. We uphold your reputation as an Amazon seller so that you can focus on what you do best: making your product and building your brand.

Not only is eEnforce one of the fastest-growing eCommerce protection services in the world, but we’re the only company that offers a 30-day risk-free trial and a guarantee of controlling MAP on Amazon. It’s not enough to simply monitor MAP. You have to be able to enforce it. eEnforce will help you maintain MAP standards.It’s time to start controlling MAP on Amazon. Start Your 30 Day Risk-Free Trial Today!

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