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Amazon Unauthorized Seller Removal

Nearly 25 years after its modest beginnings as an online bookstore, Amazon has become the ubiquitous leader in offering the lowest prices on nearly any item you could ever wish to purchase. In fact, the company currently offers over 562 million different products on its website, ranging from clothing to power tools to fine art. 

And that’s not all. Amazon has extended its influence in the form of its subsidiaries, including Whole Foods Market and the now Jeff Bezos-owned Washington Post. Amazon has put its hat into the film and television production ring with Amazon Studios, as well as into books with Amazon Publishing. They are now shipping LTL truckloads across the country, and internationally with Amazon Maritime. It’s safe to say that Amazon is very big, and very much here to stay.

All the more reason to focus on Amazon unauthorized seller removal. Amazon has replaced Walmart as the largest retailer in the United States, and your brand being on Amazon is good for your business. But it’s not without its own set of challenges. Unauthorized sellers and counterfeiters can hijack your sales, costing you money and tarnishing your brand’s reputation. Amazon unauthorized seller removal can be a headache for business owners, but at eEnforce it is our specialty.

Unauthorized Amazon Resellers: Who Are They?

As a manufacturer and producer of goods, enlisting a third party to sell your products can be an effective way to maintain sales or grow your business. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos revealed that third-party sellers make up a bigger share of sales on Amazon’s marketplace than Amazon itself, racking up $140 Billion in third-party sales in 2019. Amazon also has recruited over 2 million third-party retailers, and 3,000 new third-party retailers are said to join the program every single day. 

But what if this third-party seller has no relationship with your company? What if instead of a partnership, this mysterious third-party was undercutting your prices by obtaining legitimate goods illegally and reselling it, or potentially even selling counterfeit product as if it were genuine? You would want to get rid of these unauthorized sellers before more damage could be done. Amazon unauthorized seller removal is crucial to the integrity of your brand.

With Amazon controlling 49.1% of all eCommerce sales, unauthorized third-parties selling products are wreaking havoc on brands trying to maintain their MAP pricing, profit margins, distributor growth and brand reputation. At eEnforce we specialize in the identification and removal of unauthorized sellers violating a brand’s reseller policies by both authorized and unauthorized sellers on Amazon. 

Amazon Unauthorized Seller Removal: How Do They Operate?

There are a few common ways that unaffiliated third-parties can infiltrate your business. Amazon unauthorized seller removal is a matter of knowing where to find them by knowing how they operate. Unauthorized sellers typically employ one or a combination of the following strategies:

Using a false ASIN is a common tactic. Unauthorized sellers will create a false ASIN, not just one, but several in fact, ultimately creating a unique ASIN for each of the products they wish to hijack from your business. With this implementation, these sellers can operate in plain sight until they are caught. Of course, that’s not before they’ve made countless sales.

Creating multiple ASINs for the same item. Some of these culprits could create multiple ASINs for the same item, pushing your product’s place lower and lower down the search results page. They don’t even need to have authorization to sell any of these items to do so. This strategy essentially makes your product invisible. By appearing at the top of the search results, the unauthorized third-party looks as though they are the legitimate seller.

Trying to compete. Some unauthorized sellers will try to compete with you and your authorized third-party dealers by adding small but crucial details to their listings that set their pages apart. In other words, you might find that an unauthorized seller has falsely claimed that their version of your product is in fact lighter, or bigger, or slightly better than yours, even though it is in fact not. 

Creating Fake Names. Another tactic can be when these unauthorized sellers set up fake retailer names on Amazon to sell your products. This can be particularly frustrating because once they are shut down they can simply create a brand new one for you to find and shut down all over again. With eEnforce, Amazon unauthorized seller removal is a game that has a conclusion.

Will Amazon Help Me with Amazon Unauthorized Seller Removal?

Unfortunately, more often than not, Amazon views unauthorized sellers as contractual disputes between them and your brand and will take no action. The only scenario in which they might take action is if there is something illegal going on, but even then, it helps to have someone like eEnforce on your side.

If an unauthorized seller is committing copyright infringement by using registered trademarked material without permission, or using your company’s logo, or perhaps using your company’s advertising copy word-for-word on their listing, these actions are grounds for legal action. Any of these scenarios is a perfect example of when eEnforce can deploy our legal team to assist in the Amazon unauthorized seller removal.

If your dispute with the unauthorized seller is that they are undercutting your MAP pricing or that they are simply unauthorized, Amazon will be of no assistance. With eEnforce, Amazon unauthorized seller removal doesn’t need to be a result of illegal activity. We can make them disappear just for being a nuisance.

Our Amazon Unauthorized Seller Removal Program

In order to assist business owners in Amazon unauthorized seller removal, we have developed a foolproof system for identifying, locating, contacting, and dispensing of these unwanted third-parties. Here is a step-by-step look at our program:

  1. Helping brands develop a comprehensive enforcement strategy. 
  2. Identifying the real identities of unauthorized sellers, hijackers, rogue ASINs, and counterfeiters behind the store names on Amazon down to their social security and EIN levels. This includes Name, Address, Phone Number and email.
  3. Sending out legal notifications in volume directly to the exposed seller at their home or business approved by the brand. 
  4. Forcing the seller off the platform for federal trademark infringement of your brand’s trademark. 
  5. Ensuring they don’t return. 
  6. Building your brand’s enforcement credibility against unauthorized sellers and counterfeiters. 

Amazon unauthorized seller removal can be a daunting task, especially if you are doing it on your own. Our program is designed to take the burden from off your shoulders and into the background of your daily operations.

Amazon Unauthorized Seller Removal with eEnforce

eEnforce has been helping companies ranging from startups to Fortune 100 companies with Amazon unauthorized seller removal for the last decade. We help businesses stop unauthorized sellers from infringing upon their trademarks on Amazon. We are the only online protection and enforcement firm that maintains the legal license and capabilities to identify unauthorized third-party sellers and counterfeiters.

In a collaboration between intelligence-based technology and licensed investigators, your business is being protected 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with eEnforce. We specialize in Amazon unauthorized seller removal to protect your brand and help you maintain quality control, MAP pricing, and your bottom line.

Not only is eEnforce one of the fastest-growing eCommerce protection services in the world, but we’re the only company that offers a 30-day risk-free trial and an Amazon unauthorized seller removal guarantee. 

It’s time to stop unauthorized third-parties. Start Your 30 Day Risk-Free Trial Today!

Since 2011, eEnforce™ has provided eCommerce protection for brands seeking permanent solutions to stopping unauthorized sellers and other online, intellectual property violators.

We are able to find, identify, track and permanently remove unauthorized sellers on marketplaces and private websites. In fact we are able to help your brand get an average of 94%+ control over your MAP pricing in the first 90-180 days depending on the severity of your brands supply chain-leakage.

We augment your brand’s team with our expertise, advanced intelligence & investigative tools, and bandwidth expansion to allow you to regain control over your online, eCommerce channels.

Why Brands Trust eEnforce When Pricing and Reputation are Mission Critical

eEnforce™ has developed eCommerce protection for hundreds of brands seeking permanent solutions to stopping unauthorized sellers that are disrupting channels, violating price points, squeezing sales margins and eroding brand reputation.
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