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About Us - Protecting Top Brands Since 2011

A Divsion of Cyber Investigation Services LLc

Our Story

eEnforce™ is a division of Cyber Investigative Services(CIS), LLC and is dedicated solely to e-commerce brand protection and enforcement.  After CIS opened in 2010 to tackle rampant attacks of companies online, we were asked in 2011 by a customer if we could help with tackling their unauthorized Amazon and eBay seller problem.  Since this field of enforcement was brand new at the time, we really had no basis for the best practices to use so our company, and a top 200 law firm partnered to clean this brand up.   Fortunately, we developed some ground-breaking techniques that then cleaned this brand resulting in exploding growth and led to an ultimate sale of the company as an exciting exit for its founder. 

Today, we have built a team of experienced personnel, have equipped them with the best tools and tactics in the business, and have worked with and consulted with hundreds of brands: and we have all the battle scars to prove it!

Our Tools

As a company totally dedicated to managing the performance for a large number of brands, we rapidly learned that no commercially available tools are well suited for unauthorized seller enforcement.  We developed our own proprietary software tools that allow use to efficiently manage and interact with 100,000’s of sellers on a daily basis.  We humbly believe that we are considerably better equipped that other providers in the market.

Our Licensed Investigations

Effective e-commerce enforcement requires top investigative skills, coupled with access to law enforcement databases, to get up to the minute information about the location and information about illegal sellers.  Our company employs 5 full-time, licensed investigators, with access to top-notch databases. 

Our Approach

We utilize industry standard approaches that we helped pioneer & perfect.  We provide all of the tools, tactics, and personnel to implement rapid cleanup for our protected brands.

Our Team

We employ only the top industry professionals with specialties ranging from e-commerce enforcement, to investigations, to e-commerce distribution, to engineering, to software development.  Our diverse team can bring an explosive increase in capability to your e-commerce team with ease.

Our Service

Using weekly reporting, dedicated account managers, and consulting specialists, we excel at providing world class service that simply is not attainable from other providers.  While our customers love our enforcement performance, they rave about our service. 

Our Pricing

Most brands are surprised at how affordable our services are, relatively to the value we bring to our clients.  Our team has worked long and hard to make what we do affordable to brands both small and large.  If you are even thinking about implementing enforcement, either internally or via another provider, you owe it to yourself to get a quote from us.

Our Simple Terms

When we are purchasing services, we cannot stand being forced into long contracts.  We believe that a company must earn its keep every month, month after month.  Our terms are very simple:
– Cancel anytime agreements
– If not happy after 30 days, then will provide full refund.

Our Simplicity to Implement

Immediately after signing up, we will do a kick-off call to get you a 100% on page with your dedicated account manager and enforcement team.  Since we have done this for a long time, with so many brands, we have everything you need and most new clients remark about how simple we have made the process.  We can have you up and enforcing in TWO BUSINESS DAYS. 

Why Brands Trust eEnforce When Pricing and Reputation are Mission Critical

eEnforce™ has developed eCommerce protection for hundreds of brands seeking permanent solutions to stopping unauthorized sellers that are disrupting channels, violating price points, squeezing sales margins and eroding brand reputation.
Our services are simple yet highly effective in regaining control over the marketplaces. Key highlights are:

100% Guaranteed Month-to-Month Service

New To Online Enforcement & Brand Protection?