The Evolution of Retail & Ecommerce

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The Evolution of Retail & Ecommerce

With Covid 19, Understand the evolution of Retail & eCommerce impacts

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Video Transcript:

The Evolution of Retail & Ecommerce

Hey guys! Matt with e-Enforce here and I’m actually standing in an empty mall parking lot in front of a Macy’s store. But you can see we got a completely empty parking garage behind except for my truck. Sorry about the back noise, couldn’t really pick where one of the largest malls happen to be located near an interstate. I think every single major mall is located in close proximity to the interstate because they want to have traffic rolling through.


Right now the world is in an interesting climate, an interesting time because of you know the pandemic going on and the major changes it has made. But it really hit me with a theory that I think we’re going to actually see a lot more malls, a lot more major retail stores, a lot of office buildings and other what right now is deemed a non-essential business,  in all fairness they are essential businesses right? But if you look around all the major office buildings, all the cubicles they’re now working remotely from home.

All these major retail stores they’re now transitioning to e-commerce out of necessity to stay open. Restaurants are transitioned to to-go orders only and everything is really being done through e-commerce and through virtual. And again this is a reaction to a pandemic. But what it’s given us a glimpse of,  I think,  is where retail, where businesses  actually heading. I think everything’s going to start moving online in the next two, five, ten years. And it really comes down to, it took a pandemic to really show the world what happens and what takes place as that shift starts to happen. And this has been happening for a while.

If you look at the expense that’s taking place just in this building behind me, somebody’s paying rent for this right now by the way. There is a whole entire mall that’s chained and padlocked shut with hundreds of prestigious stores inside that are closed down. People are paying rent on it, there is purchased inventory sitting in those stores.

Meanwhile those exact brands, those exact products are flowing off of warehouses online through e-commerce orders. And e-commerce has really taken the world by storm.  I watched Gary Vaynerchuk do a video once where somebody asked him what’s the future of retail and he looked over and he said “Alexa! Alexa buy me a purse. Alexa that’s right. Buy me that purse.  I just bought a $39 purse!” And again I’m quoting him, there’s no I don’t think Alexa could hear me next to a superhighway,  and again I apologize for that but what I’m making is the point that the way that America and the rest of the world is headed,  we’ve got a very unique glimpse of that because when it’s all said and done companies are going to start realizing that ecommerce, it’s not a fad. It’s something that is not only here to stay but it can literally withstand the worst global pandemic of our time. You know what I’m saying? If things like this didn’t exist before because people weren’t able to fly and transmit things all over the world within a couple of months. So ecommerce has shown its ability to do that. Virtual employment, working from home has shown that it’s capable of withstanding that. And I think a lot of companies are going to really start making those shifts.

And in making those shifts it’s also going to enable major retailers and major companies to tighten up their supply chains. One of the biggest hindrances to companies with major retail and major distribution right now, is the fact they cannot control their supply chain. And because of that, because of their extreme expense in brick-and-mortar and all this unnecessary overhead, well what happens is what people are able to purchase inventory let’s say legally from their supply chain from a distributor, from a wholesaler liquidator, whatever, from a sale they’re able to get their inventory and sell it online with a fraction of the overhead and a fraction of the cost that what these companies are actually able to afford to sell it for. It’s something that’s hard to compete with that. When companies make a real transition to e-commerce it makes it a lot easier to start to control that supply chain and to be able to be price competitive while improving their profit margins from there. So guys again not showing you this empty parking lot and everything else, this is not a gloom and doom thing, I’m actually showing you guys a bright future in the way that I believe the future of e-commerce and the future of the way the business is done in our country and all over the world is going to evolve into over the next two, five,  ten years .